College Hill, Late January 2023

I thought I would check in on College Hill and see what was happening. One of my favorite houses, that rare wood frame hipped roof half flounder, is still hanging on. I’ve looked at it multiple times before: spring of 2021 (seventh photo), March of 2021, in the snowy winter of 2019, November of 2016 (third photo) April of 2018 (fifth photo) and December of 2018 (last photo).

I’ve looked at this house above before back in March of 2019; I don’t think it’s changed in its condition much at all.

Sadly there have been many fires in the neighborhood.

A rare Greek Revival half flounder with a hipped roof, including a side entrance, which I featured back in April of 2019 (fourth through sixth photos), was gutted by fire and has not been repaired.

But there are still many houses in good shape.

Oh hey, how’s that gas station doing that featured in the federal indictment? Well, the gas tank is gone, and I don’t know whether it was buried or hauled off. We shall see.

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