College Hill in the Snow #30: 2000 Block of College Avenue

Update: The house above was demolished by the late summer of 2019.

Further on down College Avenue is a beautiful stretch of preserved houses that creates a street wall and rhythm in their architectural unity. Most of the houses are occupied, as well.

There are also some very old houses, as well.

Update: There’s a hip-roofed half-flounder similar to these houses below on Mississippi Avenue in Lafayette Square, which I looked at in March of 2020.

Sadly, one of the most architecturally significant, the house on the left, was damaged by fire last year. It is a half flounder but it is not quite so simple of a house.

Looking along its lateral side, we see that it has a very nice composition, with a centrally planned bisymmetrical design that was probably intended to be seen before the house next door was built.

There are other half flounders nearby, as well.

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