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  1. ME says:

    I imagine the original interior 9.5′ plaster ceilings have been simplified to 8′ acoustical drop ceilings also which may be why transoms, etc. were removed. But anything is better than a burned out / boarded up shell. These builders would be rolling in their graves!

  2. Ko4 says:

    Found your site by accident and decided to take a peek. When I saw a link for College Hill, I became excited hoping to see my family home (since 1969) but alas, we didn’t make it…lol. Our home was built in the 40s and as you pointed out, looks different from the rest. Growing up, I never thought about the variety of architectual styles. They were simply the homes of neighbors, friends, enemies (ha! ha!), relatives, etc. I love the homes now although many are gone or dilapidated. The style differences, however, still must’ve settled inside my subconscious because I hate how all new homes in an area tend to look similar. Anyway, this is our street, which has seen MANY, MANY changes like the area itself. Some of the flats were replaced by Habitat homes. I believe our family has been there the longest in regard to current residents. Our little nook in College Hill isn’t the best but by far not the worse compared to neighboring streets. It’s much quieter than it used to be. The city is seeing a slow but steady exodus to the county. Well, I’ll have to tell my mom to tell her neighbor and best friend that you liked her home (the Second Empire). The duplex has looked that way for as long as I can remember but maybe there were visible transoms…probably before my time. Finally, it was so much fun growing up around there especially being near the park. There were block parties, stores, candy ladies, Lowell school (all siblings attended), being so close to the interstate we could just hop on and go, entire blocks playing hide-and-go-seek and Tag, etc.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Oh the one, with the blue siding? That’s a great house! And it’s probably close to 150 years old now! It is a very cool house.

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