Cragwold, January 2022

Oops, I didn’t see that tree branch in the way when I took this photo of Cragwold, Edwin Lemp‘s estate on the bluffs overlooking the Meramec River.

The large windows overlooking the valley must have provided stunning views for the reclusive bachelor who took his million dollars and retired from brewing at an early age.

Edwin and Louis Lemp, Sitting on a Low Stone Wall with a Third Unidentified Man, Standing, 1916-22, Missouri History Museum, P0446-00014

The photo above in the collections of the Missouri History Museum is clearly taken looking north on the southern terrace of the house, through an open door through the large picture windows. Who the three men are is unknown.

I never noticed this before but there are black wrought iron grates on the windows built in the rough stone foundation level below the main house. I don’t see how anyone could have actually gotten to those windows.

The tower is an interesting feature, which originally did not possess the roofed top floor, but rather had an open air observation deck.

There also seems to be a flagpole on the tower, as well.

The drop down to the Meramec River is steep, and there was originally a pump that took water up to the house above.

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