New Cathedral, Interior, January 2022

Whew, we’re back and I’m going to celebrate by showing you my photos I took with my new fisheye lens that I inherited from my friend Mike that I’ve known since 1986. He moved to the Big Island of Hawai’i, and the harbor is very shallow, so everything has to be shipped by freighter into Pearl Harbor on Oahu, and then transferred onto barges that sail to the harbor of Hilo. That costs lots of money, so Mike gave away as much as possible before he moved to take an awesome job working for a telescope, thus I inherited the lens. I’m not going to use the lens for gimmicky things, but I thought for huge interiors such as the New Cathedral, the fisheye lens serves a real purpose.

I took these pictures honestly not knowing what I was doing, thinking I would just take photos of the domes, being round like the lens, but I soon realized that the fisheye took in a large area of the building not possible with a regular lens.

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I took these without a tripod, so they’re a little shaky, and I also didn’t want to disturb anyone praying before Saturday evening vespers.

It’s a beautiful building, and I hope I can go back for a scheduled visit when I know what I’m doing and I don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve simplified tags by including Byzantine Revival under the Romanesque Revival umbrella. We’re still missing some functionality, and things are a little clunky (the featured image function is broken temporarily), but I hope you like the new design. I’m ready to get back to work; we’ll talk more about who helped save St. Louis Patina, and how you can help keep this site running in the future.

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  1. Mark Preston says:

    It all looks good from here, Chris. I’m glad for you that things are steadying down.

  2. Jtw says:

    Good to see this page back!

  3. Welcome back! The site looks great.

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