Deaconess Hospital, Coming Down

The story of the Deaconesses, a German organization whose women members dedicated their lives to helping the sick, is amazing, and its mission continues.

Friedens Chapel and Lewis and Clark Branch 035

Sadly, their hospital on Oakland, long a landmark to Forest Park visitors and commuters on Highway 40, is rapidly coming down. There was even more demolished in the two weeks since I took these pictures.

Friedens Chapel and Lewis and Clark Branch 036

See the hospital here after abandonment but before demolition began.

Friedens Chapel and Lewis and Clark Branch 039

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  1. CfR says:

    I’m gonna miss seeing that building perched atop the hill while driving down 44, or going north on Hampton from Southwest. It was a pretty cool location to view from a distance.

    Also, thanks for the info on Deaconess – my Grandma worked at that Deaconess hospital a long time ago, and I never thought too much of it until now.

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