DeBaliviere Building Revisited, Delmar Boulevard

2009-05-03 Various 023

Built in 1928, according to plans by Isadore Shank as apartments and storefronts, the DeBaliviere Building still anchors its eponymous corner with Delmar. It’s a stunning building, that sadly sits in a high automobile trafficked area with few pedestrians. I came back, five years later and photographed it again on foot and up close. Delmar is such a sad street; it’s just a traffic sewer now for people trying to get somewhere else quickly. It obviously was once a grand thoroughfare, bursting with life. Take a look at the photos of the building up close, enjoy its detail, and realize that most people just speed by.

Debaliviere Place 105

Debaliviere Place 106 Debaliviere Place 107 Debaliviere Place 108 Debaliviere Place 109 Debaliviere Place 110 Debaliviere Place 111 Debaliviere Place 112 Debaliviere Place 113 Debaliviere Place 114

Debaliviere Place 118Debaliviere Place 122 Debaliviere Place 123

Debaliviere Place 124

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  1. Terence D says:

    I’ve been by this countless times over the year and for whatever reason never stopped to notice or appreciate this building like I just have thru your photographs. Thank you.

  2. Dominique says:

    very interested in this building looking for space for daycare do you have any idea or no who is leasing the space for rent

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      You would need to stop by and see Latham Bell, whose address is 401 N. Newstead Avenue, #1N. I don’t know the phone number. Good luck!

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