Delmar Boulevard, First Half of 2019

I find it interesting that Delmar Boulevard is used as the great demarcation line for the discussion of race relations in St. Louis. For the most part, east of Kingshighway, it is a completely unremarkable stretch of street, with abandonment and empty lots on both sides of the street. Blight continues south of Delmar for several blocks the all the way to downtown; by no means is it some sort of hard line anymore. In other news, they’re making some slow progress on the building below in the last two years since I photographed it.

And what I consider to be one of the great success stories of rehabbing a once totally bombed out large apartment building, seen below, is still going strong, serving as veterans’ housing.

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  1. ME says:

    Did they refurbish the original wood frame windows on the upper floors? They appear to be a 1920s style window similar to what I had growing up in a 2-family flat on the south side.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      They most likely did not since the windows were all missing from the building when I photographed it vacant. Now certainly there’s a chance they were stored somewhere offsite. Since they applied for and received state and federal historic preservation tax credits, they did have to either refurbish the original windows if they were able to find them, or fabricate high quality, period appropriate wood frame windows to replace them. You can’t grab windows off the bottom shelf at Home Depot to obtain those benefits.

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