Delor Street West of Morgan Ford, Bevo

I’ve looked at Delor Street in Bevo southeast of its intersection with Gravois and Morgan Ford back in July of 2013, so this time I looked at the secondary artery from around Christy Boulevard east to Morgan Ford.

The street is a perfect illustration of the transition in the early Twentieth Century from the rich red brick of the Nineteenth Century to dark red, almost a burgundy and other colors such as the buff of the apartment building below.

There are of course more Dutch Colonial houses, which were specifically designed originally to create additional room in the eaves of the roof by breaking up the lines of an open gable roof.

The house below on the left with the pyramid roof is intriguing; in Northeast Missouri, I was told such a house design was typical of coal miners’ residences. Since there was extensive mining in the area, I suspect that the house is very old and dates to the earliest period of clay and coal mining in Bevo.

And there are many Arts and Crafts houses in the neighborhood, as well, which was a looking back to more rustic and vernacular decorative styles in architecture.

If you look closely at the house below…

You can see it in the historic photograph of the intersection of Delor and Alfred streets in the far right background.

© Fred Delporte, Street view at the intersection of Alfred Avenue and Delor Street, September 3, 1937, Missouri History Museum, P0403-07822-03-8n.

Like I said, there was mining out here very early, so we see vernacular architecture in the houses we see below, before the “suburban” architecture built in tracts comes later.

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