Delor Street, Bevo

Update: I went back and revisited the area around Delor Street in June of 2021. See Delor Street west of Gravois in March of 2023.

Moving away from “downtown” Bevo, the quiet side streets revitalized by Bosnian immigrants continue to show their charm. Bevo was never a wealthy neighborhood, and its housing stock is much more humble than other parts of the South Side.


And it likewise shows the styles of several decades of development, from Second Empire houses such as the one above, or the Early Twentieth Century Eclectic storefront you can see below. I think most of the development came in the first two decades of the Twentieth Century.


There are far more wood frame houses as well, which is common this far out from the original core of the city; I saw one or two abandoned houses, which is hopefully not the beginning of a trend in these parts.


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  1. constance Cafazza says:

    I live on Delor…it’s pretty awesome! We walked a few blocks up to the Bevo Mill last Friday and listened to a 20 piece German band and drank beer and ate. Earlier this week the streets were filled with rowdy Bosnians celebrating the soccer game – or something. Lot’s of singing and hugging and meandering crowds of men draped in blue and yellow scarves and flags. I’ve never had the pleasure of being some place so multicultural. We still have a few empty houses but I THINK the Alderwoman reported an upsurge in home-buying in our area. I hope that’s right. I keep telling people on Facebook that I’ll drink with them if they move by me. Alas, I think I’m scaring them off . 🙁

    1. HA! I clicked on *this* post, because you live on this street! 😀

      1. Constance Cafazza says:

        HI DEBI!!!! MWHAA!

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