Development in Northwest Lafayette Square

Update: Construction was continuing in December of 2022.

Redevelopment is finally coming to the northwest corner of Lafayette Square, which was long overshadowed by the abandoned site of the former Praxair facility, which exploded years ago.

It’s a mixture of a large apartment building along Chouteau Avenue, while there are houses being built along Hickory Street.

I was told the old stone house, which I last looked at back in July of 2018, will be preserved and restored at some point. It was apparently damaged in the explosion.

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  1. ME says:

    Nice to see new construction infill with some Architectural intrest, even if it’s not a solid 3-course brick structure. If only they could use some of the STL brick being demolished from other buildings instead of shipping that brick out of the area.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Agreed. I wish they would build them with cinder block at the bare minimum as a substitute for the inner two wythes, as is done when original brick walls are repaired.

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