St. Louis Place from North Florissant Avenue

Looking across North Florissant Avenue into the St. Louis Place neighborhood, we see the apse of the old St. Liborius, which we probably shouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for the demolition of so many of the buildings between here and there.

Below, we can see again how the street grid of Old North ends and St. Louis Place begins, more or less. Apparently that house sits in Shand’s Addition.

Then there’s this building, which is now a fraternal organization, and I feel like I’ve photographed it in the past. It was originally St. Liborius’s Parochial School.

Update: Added Sanborn Map showing that the building above the original school before the later one was added opposite the church.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Detail of Plate 28, October, 1909, Volume Three

This building below, which I suspect may have once had a neighbor demolished for the widening of North Florissant, is still sitting in limbo, much like the last time I photographed it in December of 2018.

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  1. Steve Mamanella says:

    I always thought that the St. Liborious School was directly across the street from the church — what is now the Hogan Street Regional Youth Center at 1839 Hogan Street, no?

  2. Patrick Kleaver says:

    Regarding the fifth photo. Steve Mamanella is correct. I attended St. Liborius’s school beginning in the fall of 1963 for a few years (after St. Michael’s school in Old North had closed). It was directly across the street from the church’s front entrance. (I DO wonder what the building in the fifth photo was originally – maybe a public school??)

    1. cnaffziger says:

      I based the identification of the building as the parish school off of old Sanborn Fire Insurance maps–I’ll post a photo of them. I have a feeling the building was the original school, and then the one you remember attending directly across the street was the later new school.

      1. Patrick Kleaver says:

        Right you are! I never knew that!

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