Still in Ruins

Update: The house was still in ruins in the spring of 2022, even as redevelopment began around it.

It seems like this old stone building is getting worse, based on my pictures going back through the years. Here it is from 2013 and from 2011. I hope there is some sort of solution planned for this incredibly rare and historic house.

It was “structurally condemned” in 2017, but since it is in a local historic district, it comes under preservation review, and would require the permission of the alderman to have it demolished. That would not happen in the current climate. You can see it in the middle of the Compton and Dry map, hugging the two flounders from yesterday.

It was clearly a much longer building at one point, according to the Sanborn Maps, with very obvious wood porches on both sides, intimated in the Compton and Dry.

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