Discovering Shaw, Part 4: Russell Boulevard Between Spring Avenue and Grand Boulevard, North Side

Moving east from the corner with Spring Avenue, there is a banquet of exceptional houses on Russell Boulevard, with large cut stone facades and complex dormers and towers on houses.

While the house below would probably not have been painted originally, it still is in excellent condition and reflects the architecture of this neighborhood well.

In fact, looking below, you can see the houses are all basically the same masses, creating rhythm, but yet all are different notes in the song, with different details such as turrets, balconies, dormers and other individual touches.

This house below, with its preserved turret, is a rarity.

Then, unexpectedly, this small church breaks the street wall. It was built later and while it has Gothic Revival tendencies, it also shows that it is late in that style, and is influenced by the Beaux-Arts.

More houses continue after that church, and again, if you look closely, these are tract homes, built all at once, but each individualized by their builders. Look at the one on the left; it is truly exceptional.

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