Down by the River, Peoria, July 2021

Update: I revisited the area in August of 2023.

I revisited the area of Peoria down by the river northeast of downtown on Saturday afternoon the weekend before the Fourth of July. Many businesses were closed for the holiday, including this pawnshop. I’ve looked at the area three times before: September of 2013, September of 2015 and August of 2019.

Things look largely the same: a cross-section of America that Peoria so famously represents with the phrase “How will it play in Peoria?”

Some buildings have been immaculately restored, others are in good condition, others are abandoned, and others are totally trashed and run-down.

It’s interesting how I randomly photograph the same houses twice, such as this beauty below, which I’ve come across before.

But other houses looks like they’ve been forgotten.

But new in-fill construction, from the looks of it, show that people are still trying.

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