Moss Avenue Between Western Avenue and North MacArthur Highway, Peoria

Moss Avenue is a historic district that stretches along the bluffs near Bradley University northwest of downtown Peoria. I’ve broken up the street into two sections, first from Western Avenue to North MacArthur Highway/North University Avenue.

There are a wide variety of styles, with everything from early Twentieth Century Colonial Revival to Shingle Style houses, Romanesque Revival and others styles.

This house below is actually a duplex if you look closely.

There is even a house that shows the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Many of the houses have been impeccably restored, while others show the effects of having been simplified, their millwork having been removed in the Twentieth Century.

There are houses that might be best classified as the German Rundbogenstil, that synthesis of the Romanesque Revival and the Renaissance Revival that is so Teutonic in origin.

There is even a little Tudor Revival thrown in before we get to North MacArthur Highway.

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