East Fifth Street, Oregon District, Dayton, Ohio

We’re going to be in Ohio now for awhile, and it’s recently become one of my favorite states to visit due to its economic links as well as it being a stopping off point for several famous St. Louis brewers, including Adolphus Busch and Adam Lemp. We’re starting with Dayton, a city that doesn’t get much press but has a long and interesting history. This is East Fifth Street in the Oregon District, south of downtown.

The neighborhood is due east of downtown, and while you have to cross over some wide, pedestrian-unfriendly streets, the district’s proximity to the central business district is good.

There are all sorts of restaurants, along the main street of the area, which is East Fifth Street. For whatever reason, I did not get a chance to see much of the residential area.

But as I’ve been trying to hammer home–healthy cities need to be connected to each other via pedestrian links!

This building matches the bend in the street, which again creates a sense of place which is no longer done in most modern construction.

Also, importantly, mass transit in the form of a streetcar passes through the area.

The architecture is also a mix of several different periods.

If I have any criticism of the area, there were large swaths of dead zones to the north in the form of surface parking lots.

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