Elegant Twins, O’Fallon Park

The Grove, McKinley Heights, St. Louis Place, Riverview 078

Update: See these houses again and the surrounding streets from in February of 2019. In December of 2019, it looked like the house on the right (last picture) was had been abandoned.

The neighborhoods to the south and west of O’Fallon Park are sumptuous, lined with stunning mansions and other large houses.

The Grove, McKinley Heights, St. Louis Place, Riverview 076

Right by the southwest entrance are these two beauties, at one point identical twins, but now divergent into their own personalities. Most likely they have never been rehabbed, as the window air conditioners can attest. Just how well-preserved are the interiors of these two houses?

The Grove, McKinley Heights, St. Louis Place, Riverview 077

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  1. Yojimbo says:

    Thanks for this great work, Chris. I know running a blog can seem a thankless activity at times — so when you feel this way, remember a lot of people really love what you’re doing. Keep it up!

    Quick question: the Gate District — why is it so called?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thanks! The Gate District was the new redevelopment name given to what had been historically called the Compton Hill neighborhood (not to be confused with the affluent Compton Heights). When the area was demolished and rebuilt in the 1980s, each portion of the neighborhood received their own distinctive gates that marked their portion of the area. Hence the name. Some of them are gone now, but many of them, such as at Jefferson and Park, still stand. They’re funky, 1980s looking things.

  2. Yojimbo says:

    Got it. Thanks for the reply!

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