Hyde Park Up To O’Fallon Park, Winter 2022

Update: The building above was destroyed by fire in December of 2022; scroll down to the bottom for images.

I do the “North Up Blair Avenue” post every so often, but this time I strayed off that exact path a bit. This is the corner of North 20th and Ferry streets in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

These two houses below are on the steep rise going up Blair Avenue towards the watertowers. They’re later buildings, from the early Twentieth Century.

Crossing into College Hill, we see one of my favorite survivors, the wood frame half-flounder that is visible since it’s the winter and not cloaked in heavy undergrowth.

It really is high up here on the two hills that compose the neighborhood, affording views far out over the Mississippi River valley.

The Pink Sisters’ wall is on the left as we head up Von Phul Street.

We cross over into the O’Fallon Park neighborhood on the other side of Adelaide Street.

I’ve always loved this house, one of two twins.

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