Elliott and Leffingwell Avenues, JeffVanderLou, Late Summer 2021, Part One

Back in May of 2020, I went and documented the houses to the west of the new NGA in the JeffVanderLou neighborhood, one of the most heavily damaged in the city. But I have met many proud, hardworking people in this community, and the result of decades of bad policy needs to be shown. So a year and a couple months later, I went back to see what had changed. I went north up Elliott Avenue first, and then turned left at North Market Street.

I honestly was shocked at how “green” everything had gotten, which I suppose is a result of how much rain we have received over the course of this summer. I then proceeded south down Leffingwell Avenue, where there is considerable preservation of the housing stock, and several occupied homes.

But again, I was amazed at all of the creeping vines growing on the buildings, which had never been present before. Perhaps it is an allegory of the changing times.

Despite the smashed windows, this house below is still in great condition.

And right next door, two occupied houses sit, well-maintained by their owners.

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