Southwest Avenue Between Reber Place and Botanical Avenue

Heading northeast up Southwest Avenue, we get closer to the heart of the Hill, and see more interesting renovations to houses.

More Formstone, which was popular in the mid-Twentieth Century, was added to the front of these houses. Also, the fenestration was altered as well.

Below, there is this super rare Italianate wood frame house, which is in good shape.

Then a two-family flat, like something you’d see in St. Louis Hills, fills a lot that had been left vacant, or had a house demolished to build new development.

One of the oldest houses along this stretch can be seen behind a later storefront addition that brings the building front up to the sidewalk.

Then we see an old Hill stalwart, Favazza’s, with that gently curving front that works with the street grid, and does not ignore it.

Then there are factories along the railroad right-of-way that makes the big loop around Tower Grove Park, like the one you see below.

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  1. Jtw says:

    We are currently redoing the family theater on Shaw into a residence.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      That’s great! I’m interested to hear about your progress.

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