Elliott and Leffingwell Avenues, JeffVanderLou, Late Summer 2021, Part Two

Continuing south on Leffingwell Avenue, retracing my steps from my visit in May of 2020, I saw more green overgrowth and abandonment.

The house on the left is actually a half-flounder, with a hipped roof. Its front faade was altered sometime in the mid-Twentieth Century.

Down on the northeast corner, I went by the house where Dan used to live, but what is now an abandoned house, and has been for years. I first met Dan back in 2013, when many more people lived on these blocks.

This house is completely swamped by greenery.

And then we proceed down Madison Street.

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  1. ME says:

    Chris, As these homes are abandoned one by one; do the owners typically just walk away while utility bills, taxes, etc. still mail to the abandoned property? Do they just move out, take what they want, and leave everything as is & eventually the city notices that the property is abandoned & boards it up? Or, is there a process where they ‘sell’ it to the LRA to take over? I realize every situation is different. It’s just sad to see an area be so neglected to the point where long time residents feel hopeless.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      That’s typically what happens-people walk away when they can no longer afford to rent or own the building.

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