Enclaves of St. Louis #3: 2700 Block of Osceola Street

It’s been a little while since I’ve done an Enclaves of St. Louis feature, so I thought I’d look at the 2700 block of Osceola Street in Dutchtown, just east of South Broadway and west of Interstate 55, which now artificially truncates the block.

This must be a very interesting place to live, with just a handful of houses left and a giant billboard looming over the enclave. It is actually attached to the last house on the right above, and I would imagine the owner gets a sweet deal on rent from CBS media, which has the lease on the billboard.

It’s an interesting street as it has small houses built most likely at the turn of the Twentieth Century at the latest, but then there are some nice Arts and Crafts bungalows at the wester end of the street.

The houses seem to be largely occupied and well maintained.

The houses on the north, well, have a very interesting alley behind them. They back up to the parking lot of a Vietnamese supermarket that is part of a large strip mall on the east side of South Broadway. From what I’ve been told, and feel free to chime in, this used to be a drive-in movie theater back in the day.

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  1. Stephen Slattery says:

    Nice pics. Could this be a small enclave of Vuetnamese in this neighborhood?

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