Pershing Place Between North Taylor and Euclid Avenues

Laid out originally as Berlin Avenue, the private street that stretches from North Taylor Avenue to North Kingshighway is cut in two by North Euclid Avenue. We’ll look at the street in two parts.

I don’t think Pershing Place was laid out as a private street, and its original name of Berlin Avenue seems to point to that. Plus, on the eastern half, which we’re looking at today, the northern half of the street is part of the Berlin Heights Addition, while the southern side of the street is Peter Lindell’s Second Addition (that guy owned huge swaths of the city at one point). It is obvious when looking at the lot sizes on either side of the street that the north side has much larger one than the south, indicative of the two different addition layouts.

The architecture is relatively reserved for the Central West End, as well, and not nearly as lavish as some of the other private streets laid out specifically as such. There’s lots of Colonial Revival houses with gambrel roofs, like you see above and below.

There are quite a few houses designed by the firm of Mauran, Russell and Garden, whom I’ve written about before.

But in general, perhaps the beauty of the street is the relative architectural uniformity that creates a sense of rhythm as one walks the street.

There are some different ones, such as the one above , and look at that little window protruding from the dormer below.

Then we each Euclid, and the hustle and bustle of that major artery that cuts through the heart of the Central West End.

The southwest corner of Taylor and Pershing once featured a large double building Berlin Hotel, which was demolished sometime later in the Twentieth Century. The two halves were connected by a small hallway. There are new townhomes built on the site. To the west, the large mansion seen to the right in the photo was replaced by smaller houses in the 1960s.

Richard Henry Fuhrmann, Berlin Hotel, Southwest Corner of Taylor and Berlin Avenues, Missouri History Museum, P0764-00815-4a

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