Epiphany of Our Lord, Lindenwood Park

Update: Compare to St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Bevoand St. Ambrose on the Hill.

I find it fascinating that there are a series of Italian Romanesque Revival churches in the southwest portion of the city. Epiphany is not different; it possesses that distinctive orangish-brown brick complemented with a large bell tower set off-center.


Having been to Italy, I can tell you that there are tons of churches that look like this, though in St. Louis there are always little clues to how the architect took liberties in the design.


True to form, and unlike German, French or English churches, the bell tower, or campanile in Italian, is set off from the side of the church.


The most interesting aspect of this church is its front porch, more akin to an early Christian basilica than the Romanesque style, such as seen at St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome.


The craftsmanship is truly wonderful on this church.


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  1. Kevin says:

    This church has an adjacent bowling alley, Epiphany Lanes, that is open to the public.


    There was another catholic church about three miles away on Kingshighway that operated Magdelen Lanes. I was never inside but I’m told it still had all the original equipment and decor circa 1949 when it closed a few years ago.

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