Lindenwood Park, At Last

For whatever reason, I realized recently I have never made it to Lindenwood Park to take pictures. I remedied that on Saturday, and I was not disappointed. I was surprised that as far out as the neighborhood is from downtown, much of the housing stock looks to be from the first decade or so of the Twentieth Century, many miles further west than newer neighborhoods in the city.


This house, I suspect, was out here long before its neighbors; it is built of wood, and is more typical of a Nineteenth Century streetcar house than an urban dwelling.


There is also a great neighborhood shopping strip along Ivanhoe, with well-preserved buildings in an eclectic style.

But then along Arsenal, there are more typical houses like the one below that I would expect to see inside Grand, in neighborhoods such as Gravois Park or Dutchtown. Look at that brick roundel. Perhaps the area developed earlier due to its location close to clay mines in the River des Peres valley.


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