Former Marthasville Seminary and Emmaus Homes, Winter 2016

Update: The Emmaus Homes moved out shortly after these photos were taken, but the property has been purchased and is being renovated into a hotel. See it the spring of 2021. As of the winter of 2022, it was being renovated into a hotel and winery.

We went out to visit the old Emmaus Homes in the winter of 2016. It was desolate, and other than a growling dog that charged us, we saw no one. It was being operated as a disability support home at the time.

Originally begun as the Marthasville Seminary for the training of pastors with five buildings in 1859, that purpose moved to the St. Louis area in what is now Eden Seminary in Webster Groves in 1893. It became the “Asylum for Epileptics and Feeble-Minded” in 1893.

To the east, there is a winding path that takes you up a steep hill, where there are various abandoned and boarded up buildings in the woods.

At the top of the dramatic incline is the church, built of yellow limestone.

Back down in the valley, there is a whole cluster of buildings, which were added to until 1928 apparently, though that bridge is obviously newer.

There are a couple of houses on the north side of the road, as well.

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  1. Robert Smith says:

    Is this open to public to conduct paranormal investigations. Wanting to do this Monday or Tuesday.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Sorry, the buildings are closed to the public and currently under renovation.

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