Frank W. Choisel Residence, Carondelet

This house, which I suspect is one of the earliest examples of the Second Empire style in St. Louis, was the home of Frank W. Choisel, editor of the The Realty and Builder Record, which published information on new buildings being built in St. Louis. It is a critical source on the built environment in the city. Choisel also attended the nearby Carondelet Presbyterian Church, which is still in operation.

William Swekosky, Choisel Residence in Carondelet, 1940-49, Missouri History Museum, N04609

Located on Michigan Avenue in northern Carondelet and almost demolished by the construction of Interstate 55, the house is a rare example of a central hall Second Empire house, more befitting a rural home than a city house. It also has a much longer street elevation than it is deep.

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