Grace United Methodist Church

Grace United Methodist Church has had an interesting history; the congregation moved its building, stone by stone from its previous location at the southwest corner of Lindell and Newstead.

As can be seen in the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, the current church is not an exact copy, as the bell tower has switched to the other side, and the stones are not in the exact same spot, as the top stones at Lindell became the bottom stones at Skinker and Waterman. The chapel went first, and the main sanctuary, as commemorated in the stone below.

You can even see the stone is a different color in the back portion, compared to the front. The congregation worshiped in the back while the front was disassembled and rebuilt.

It is a stunning building, with amazing details, showing the influence of the English Gothic.

The front Gothic pointed arch window is huge, and provides a grand focal point along Skinker.

The red clay tile roof provides a striking contrast to the gray limestone.

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