Gravois Avenue from Morgan Ford Road to Neosho Street, Bevo

Moving past the intersection of Morgan Ford and Delor, we hit a stretch of Gravois that is substantially marred by demolition for parking lots,

While the Bevo Mill carefully follows the contours of the wedge-shaped block where it sits, ironically there is a giant parking lot behind it that once served the popular restaurant.

Across Gravois, the streetwall is much more intact, though there was a slight collapse at the recently renovated Tim’s Chrome Bar, which is being repaired already.

Sadly, a new vacant lot has appear just to the northeast.

But like I said, a huge parking lot takes up much of the block behind the Bevo Mill.

Only an auto repair garage managed to hold out from being bought out, and is still in business.

There are two huge surface lots on either side of this Family Dollar.

The loss of buildings along Gravois leaves no barrier to the noise which now travels all the way to the back of apartment buildings nearby.

Ethnic restaurants have moved into former chain stores.

But as I mentioned above, this apartment building is now exposed to the light and noise along Gravois, while before there would have been a buffer of commercial buildings in the way.

This squat restaurant sits at the corner with Neosho.

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