Gravois Avenue from Neosho Street to Ellenwood Avenue, Bevo

But just as we pass by the open spaces left by the demolition for parking lots, we discover that historic buildings intact for the next block.

Terracotta companies mass produced designs that are seen all over the city.

So while individual buildings are unique, they can often have the same “flavor” as others throughout the city.

And particularly, I like how this building addresses both streets at the corner, with the appearance of a cantilevered mass above it, but in reality if you look closer you see a column painted black.

The streets don’t always match up so on the other side of Gravois, Neosho is a few dozen feet to the north, where this corner storefront is.

And due to a lack of coordination of the street grid by the private developers who laid out the additions and subdivisions, there is a short street with just a handful of houses named Newport Court.

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