Harvest Time in St. Louis Place

Update: The area was cleared by eminent domain for the new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in 2017. The City of St. Louis cut ties with Paul McKee’s Northside in June of 2018.

I examined the corn and bean fields of St. Louis Place about two months ago, and now that it’s fall, the plants are turning a golden color, ready for harvest. The food will not be eaten, of course, since there is a fear of contamination.

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  1. Tom Maher-Kirkwood says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but what happens to the crops? Do they go to animal feed or – ? If contaminated, wouldn’t that affect the animals and ultimately – people?
    I thought some of the recent controversy about “city crops” was poo-pooed by advocates, stating that the food would go to relieve hunger?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I assume it’s thrown away.

      1. Tom Maher-Kirkwood says:

        Kind of a waste of all sorts of resources, from human to seed to fuel for – what?

        1. Chris Naffziger says:

          An experiment, apparently.

          1. Pete says:

            It’s definitely an experiment, but it sounds like the corn is being fed to both people and animals.

            “…theyre starting to harvest the stuff. While there are still several blocks worth of feed corn, destined for farms to feed animals, Family Roots started picking sweet corn for people earlier this month. They hired city residents to pick it, Foxworth says, and gave the produce to food banks and churches and anyone from the neighborhood who asked…”


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