Faust Park, Part One

Who says Chesterfield has no history?! Faust Park, in the St. Louis County Parks system, has assembled a coterie of some of the most significant and interesting houses from West County, primarily from the Chesterfield area. The Conway House, seen above and below, is a great example of an early 19th Century farmhouse, complete with authentic garden plantings around the yard.

The Warmbrodt Summer Kitchen has been added to the Conway House complex and painted to match. A common myth is that the kitchen was separate to prevent fires. In reality, it was to keep the heat of the kitchen away from the house in the summer. In the winter, the heat was welcomed into the house.

The Hoch House, seen below, is a perfect example of German brick construction, at home as much in the county as in the inner neighborhoods of St. Louis. The Hochs owned a local brick business and general store.

Finally the Alt Schoolhouse is a nice example of an early school off of Reinke Road originally.

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