Faust Park, Part Two

The Mertz Cabin above is an early example of a log cabin the Chesterfield area; while log cabins may seem primitive, in reality they required a fair amount of ingenuity.

Above is the Davis House, where my parents’ good friend Laurain Davis lived for many years until she passed away at the age of 90 several years ago. She told my parents tales of when all the roads in West County were gravel, a surprisingly short amount of time ago. Her house dates from the 1840’s and was moved from across Olive Street Road to the park. Laurain never like the color the park had painted it; it was always white when she lived in it. The sunflowers below are not nearly as tall as mine, but they have bigger blooms.

Everyone loves barns, and the Sellenriek and Schlueter Barns are great examples of the all-important structure in agriculture.

I still find the occasional barn scattered here and there throughout West County, and they are increasingly becoming a rare commodity as they succumb to old age and disrepair.

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