Hodiamont Tracks at Cates and Clarendon, Revisited in October 2020

I looked at the intersection of Cates and Clarendon where the Hodiamont Streetcar Tracks swept by, leaving a little quarter crescent of land back in April of 2013, and I came back with a historic picture in hand to take a look at the area again.

Richard Lemen, Cates at Hodiamont Tracks and Clarendon, View of the two-story storefront that was home to Miller – Kniseley drug store at 5200 Cates Avenue. This angle is looking north towards Cates from Claredon Avenue and Hodiamont Tracks, C. 1930. Lemen Streets and Sewers Collection, Rare Books and Manuscripts, St. Louis Public Library, Lemen2966.

It turns out the building was a drugstore, which would be perfect for picking up a prescription on the way home along with some other household goods. I was saddened, however, to discover that the beautiful apartment building on the north side of the street has been demolished. Help did not come in time.

One of the last uses for the building was a restaurant, whose sign painted on the brick still clings to the Clarendon side of the brick faade.

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