The Senate and Congress Apartments

Just like the former Gatesworth Hotel next door, the 1925 Senate on the south, and the 1926 Congress on the north, opened as hotels. Even Charles Lindbergh lived in the Congress, the larger of the two “twin” buildings (while the frontage along Union is identical, the Congress has a wing along Pershing).

Below, the Congress Apartments tower over the streetscape.

I hate saying this, because I think St. Louis should work to be the best it can be, not be based off the character of other cities, but this is the most “New York” stretch of street in St. Louis.

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  1. Jim Kroeger says:

    My dad lived in the Congress for a couple of years in the late 1940s when he was single. I think it was called the Congress Hotel at that time.

  2. Robert Endicott says:

    The Congress and Senate……such incredible memories as a kid my mother was a leasing agent there… I grew up I knew I had to live there at least for a while. In 1989 I moved into the Congress into unit 1609.the last balcony unit facing south……after one year……we upgraded to the two story townhouse at the end of the hall complete with our own penthouse terrace……..I lived there til 1995……..parties…….friends…….so much fun……and what an incredible building……………
    Robert Endicott

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thank you for the memories! I need to get those broken images fixed.

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