Homer A. Doerr and Sons, Plating Company, JeffVanderLou

Update: This factory was gutted for redevelopment from late 2018 into early 2019.

Another one of those buildings I’ve photographed before, but then can’t find the pictures, this old factory is still sitting vacant. Apparently it had serious EPA violations before closing.

The giant dust collector has not been stolen by scrappers, amazingly.

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  1. Thomas Maher says:

    Boy, Howdy on the violations! It was listed as a serious polluter as far back as 1980 (maybe earlier) with a history of simple non-compliance.
    See 23 pages of a report prepared for the coming NGA complex (it is a block away from the NGA site). Doerr’s report starts of page 131 and goes on for 23 (!) pages: http://www.nextngawest.com/site/DEIS/Appendix%203.6A_Site_Assessments__3of4a.pdf

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