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  1. CfR says:

    Fun fact, there is an extensive skate park inside that building which is actively used on a continuous basement. Sometimes there are concerts/shows in there…


    1. W. White says:

      I have never personally seen anything that surpasses the post-apocalyptic dystopia of a bunch of tattooed thugs using a decaying, graffiti-scarred Gothic church as a skate park. It is like something out of a Mad Max or John Carpenter film. Escape from St. Louis, if you can.

  2. E. Markowski says:

    I agree with you Mr. White, for me looking at the photographs of the activity inside the church is as like looking into the gates of hell. What a bunch of foul looking people, they appear to be enjoying their desecration of a beautiful church. Although I was born in St. Louis, and Saint Liborius was my parish, I did manage to escape from St. Louis after graduation from Washington University.

    1. Bye Felicia says:

      Good riddance to you.

  3. Constance says:

    St. Brigit’s on Jefferson was demolished. Bethlehem Lutheran Church was demolished – but NOT St. Liborious, thanks to the skate folks. I have been all through that place and the work they are doing is AMAZING. St. Louis’ christians don’t give a flying fuck about their beautiful abandoned temples because if they did, they’d do something about it besides watch them crumble and grouse about it on social media. Thank “god” the awesome and industrious skater folks and friends decided to move in and actually take action. LOVE KHVT and the work they do in our city.

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