Hyde Park in the Morning Light #1, Most Holy Trinity

Walking the streets of Hyde Park, the tall spires of Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church can be seen peeking through the windows of houses, or rising above the Mansard roof lines.

The white limestone contrasts nicely with the red brick and black roofs of the surrounding houses.

“In the year of our Lord, 1898, on the 15th day of May, [this cornerstone was laid in the name of] Pope Leo XIII and Archbishop J[ohn] J[oseph] Kain, for the benefit of German language speaking Catholics in honor of the Most Holy Trinity.”

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  1. Thomas F Maher says:

    TNG that the Archdioese has not (yet) abandoned it!

  2. Danker says:

    This was our family church when I grew up on 11th Street ( before it was torn down for I-70). We then lived two blocks down from the church on North 14th Street. My sister was married here in 1957. I made my First Holy Communion here and attended until 1965 when I got married and moved to South St. Louis. My parents continued attending Holy Trinity until my Mother passed away in 1980.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Can you tell me more about your family’s experiences being forced out for the interstate? Was it hard on your family? How did the State of Missouri treat you? How did you adjust to your new home? Thank you for sharing!

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