We visited Innsbrook last weekend and saw some of the lakes. It has become an incredibly expensive place to buy a house! But originally it was relatively inexpensive it you got in back in the 1970s.

Advertisement from St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, June 23, 1974

Located out in Warren County, just to the south of what was then the relatively new I-70, Innsbrook, anglicized from the famous Austrian city of Innsbruck, offered a lake free of gas-powered motorboats and other noisy distractions.

Famous for their A-frame houses, supposedly inspired by Alpine dwellings (which I’ve never seen in my visit to the Alps), they were economical country retreats.

Advertisement from St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sunday, July 3,1977

Larger luxury homes are now being built around the lake, and like smart developments, there are still plenty of sites to build on decades after its founding.

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