Irish Lane, Unzicker Road and Pleasantview Road, Washington Township, Illinois

Due to the increased productivity of farm machinery, there simply is not as much of a need for individual farmsteads. They increasingly are abandoned, their buildings disappearing one by one.

Central Illinois 051

The remnants of past higher population density remain, such as the school house below, itself sitting next to what seems to be an abandoned farmhouse.

Central Illinois 046

Some large barns continue to be used for the storage of hay or livestock.

Central Illinois 053

Update: Unfortunately, it seems like these barns above and below are gone.

Central Illinois 059

Central Illinois 066

But other structures, such as this corn crib, are no longer needed; the corn is shipped off to the grain elevator as soon as it is harvested.

Central Illinois 072

Central Illinois 076

Some houses are seeing restoration, such as the one below. I chose this quadrant of Washington Township due to its relative isolation; the roads form T-junctions, so many roads are only useful for locals and do not attract the attention of cross-county commuters.

Central Illinois 065

Central Illinois 062

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