Ivory Theater, Former St. Boniface Roman Catholic Church

Founded in 1860, though the building is clearly from later in the 19th Century, St. Boniface closed in 2005 and was sold to developers who turned it into the Ivory Theater. It’s Romanesque Revival in many ways, but not compeletely. The towers have more of a Baroque Revival feel to them, and the pediment reminds me more of 17th Century Italian architecture.

The pilasters along the side of the nave, where there are no transepts are some of the most unique I have seen on a church. They look like windows but yet they are blind and push out from the wall.

The overall feel of the church is that of a massive strong edifice.

The apse in the back is a hulking, curved structure that is windowless, though it clearly once had one large circular window over the high altar.

It reminds me of the apse of Roman churches such as Il Gesù, a Jesuit church that is a prototype for all Catholic Reformation churches.

The cross street to the south was also the site of one of the most egregious cases of reckless homicide in St. Louis, where a woman speeding and blowing through stop signs killed a boy several years ago.

The streetside memorial is still here, several feet from the church.

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