JeffVanderLou, Late May 2022

It’s hard to believe sometimes that the JeffVanderLou neighborhood once held around 20,000 people considering that it is now one of the most decimated areas of the city. But here and there are houses that show the density of what once was.

Wild, unkempt lots sit next to well-maintained, owner-occupied homes.

And then, there are whole rows of houses that are in various states of board-up, abandonment and deterioration.

There are wonderful surprises, as well, such as these two large houses that sit by themselves.

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  1. Joshua Vise says:

    I check your site nearly every day! I am really fascinated with the north side, and how you capture it. You’ve done a very excellent job being relatively objective about what you capture, but I am curious about something. You clearly know a lot about these areas, so would you ever care to share your opinions on how to address some of these issues that these struggling areas experience? I’m sure that would be a post that a lot of people would enjoy reading.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Thanks for writing! Well, indicting corrupt politicians who sell out their communities to outsiders who prey on their constituents is a great place to start.

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