Lewis Place to the West End, Winter 2022

I had some old photos I hadn’t gotten around to posting from what I think are the Lewis Place area, and I thought they are worth sharing. It’s such a beautiful neighborhood, full of some truly amazing houses.

Moving further west, on streets of the West End, there are more houses and apartment buildings that have similar architectural styles that are likewise in good shape.

But there are many blocks where perfectly maintained houses sit next to abandoned buildings.

And it’s always interesting to see how houses were renovated in the 1950s and 60s with things such as siding and Formstone.

But then sadly there are whole rows of houses that are abandoned, like these three houses north of Page Avenue in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood.

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  1. Karl Bandow says:

    Absolutely soul-crushing to see the abandoned and burned out homes… St Louis deserves so much better 🙁

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