Kennedy Blvd (3rd Street), Vandalia

June Travels 066

The wealth of Vandalia shows in the stunning mansion lining Kennedy Boulevard in downtown. This house, now a law office, is a spectacular example of Italianate architecture with just a bit if Neoclassicism in the pediment on the front.

June Travels 063

Another house, down the street, features an intact widow’s walk and the same pedimented front.

June Travels 071

But oh my, look at those Queen Anne mansions! That bell shaped roof on the turret predominates around this part of Illinois, though I’ve seen one in Iowa as well.

June Travels 067

Some are restored, while others hold on, slightly dirty, awaiting their restoration.

June Travels 065

Vandalia gets hilly on the north side of town, as the drop off in the land demonstrates.

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