Two Churches, Vandalia

June Travels 039

First United Methodist Church is a nice example of Romanesque Revival in America. I’ve never actually seen any churches in Europe that look like this, but it’s more about the inspiration.

June Travels 040

I love the terracotta detail on the tower; we really don’t see towers like this in St. Louis.

June Travels 041

The little turret on the back is interesting as well. Sort of just pictureque in motivation.

June Travels 061

But the awesome Modernist wing out back is really great as well.

June Travels 062

A couple of blocks away is the former First Presbyterian Church, now converted into the Vandalia Historical Society.

June Travels 060

It’s a severe, Gothic structure, largely devoid of ornamentation.

June Travels 059

I was fascinated by the giant, completely exposed arch structure on the interior that clearly holds up the tower. Why is it left like this? It’s usually wrapped in walls and hidden in other churches.

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  1. Alan says:

    Very interesting. They look well kept. Do you know the build dates?

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