Kingsbury Place Gates

Update: I went back in the spring of 2019 to photograph the gates again.

Sometimes I have a hard time judging a particular building’s architectural style, but other times, like in the case of the massive, imposing Kingsbury Place gates, I have no problem. This is as Beaux-Arts as you can possibly get. Designed by the great Thomas P. Barnett, the gates show a distinctive German Beaux-Arts school, that is hard to quantify. It just reminds me of Germany, as well as the Lake Charles gates.

By the way, these are considered historic depictions of dolphins. Yeah, people didn’t know what dolphins looked like several centuries ago.

Ah, but the great surprise is this wonderful bronze statue, which reminds me of Adolphe William Bouguereau’s Birth of Venus.

The gateways are incredibly narrow; a Porsche had trouble making through the pylons as we walked by.

The keystone even mentions the builders besides the architects, probably built in 1902.

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