Korean War Memorial

While checking out the Vandeventer Place gates for the third time, I finally took a look at the Korean Veterans’ Memorial, which was dedicated in 1989, replacing an earlier vandalized monument. The large stainless steel sculpture is a sundial keeping with the theme of an earlier floral clock.

There is an inscription in Latin, “Diem Adimere Aegritudinem Hominibus,” which is often translated as “Time heals all wounds,” but that is not an accurate translation. My college Latin is rusty, but it is more accurate to say that it means “Take away the day of men’s sorrow.”

There is also a monument commemorating the veterans of the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, one of the most ferocious battles in American history. You should read up on the story if you are not familiar with the bravery of American soldiers who fought against a Communist enemy many times its size in the dead of a frozen winter during the Korean War. You can see the Vandeventer Place gates in the background for reference.

Here is a memorial bench for Jefferson County residents.

These are the names of all St. Louisans who died in the Korean War below.

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