Forest Cemetery and La Grange, Toledo

At Cherry Street, I found the private street from Hell. I drove in Birckhead Place, which has streets that look like they have recently been the epicenter of a Ukrainian and Russian artillery duel. Maybe it’s time to swallow your pride and let the City of Toledo make your streets public so they’ll get fixed? Anyway, I took one photo of this nice house above and left before I broke an axle.

I continued my drive to Forest Cemetery, and saw this house that had been mothballed for future redevelopment.

The area around the cemetery itself tended to have small houses.

I reached Forest Cemetery, which was founded as part of the rural cemetery movement, but it’s an interesting exception in that it is operated by the City of Toledo, and not a private not-for-profit.

Moving along, I worked my way out of the cemetery and found my way down towards the river, passing through more of the La Grange neighborhood.

There were a lot of abandoned houses.

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