Lewis and Clark Tower, Languishing


It’s always interesting to take new people to places that I’ve grown accustomed to after multiple visits. Take the small town of Moline Acres, just up 367 from the city. The travails of the Lewis and Clark Tower, which was condemned due to losing its occupancy permit, has become the target of scrappers. The local news interviewed officials from the town, and they argue their hands are tied. Well, for starters they might consider cinder-blocking up the front door which sits wide open due to shattered glass panels! My visitors were stunned with the overall dilapidation of the intersection of 367 and Chambers Road. “Where are we?” “This is so depressing!” Yes, that strip mall has been converted into a long term storage facility. Is this the future?


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  1. David says:

    From 1995-2000 , I lived close to Moline Acres in Riverview. I did all of my shopping there. Everything is gone . That storage facility was a thriving Kmart, there was a Schnucks, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Denny’s , Grandpas, Blockbuster video, 94 lumber, Payless shoes, dominoes pizza all right there. Crime started getting bad and the city did nothing about it. One by one businesses left until nothing was left except Mom and pop shops. The tower used to have nice condos and apartments and a restaurant on top that rotated and had a beautiful view of the city. Many kids brought their prom dates there

  2. Daniel says:

    “and a restaurant on top that rotated ” – that was the former Stouffers restaurant in Downtown St. Louis, not this one. More information can be found here http://www.beltstl.com/2011/10/inside-the-top-of-tower-restaurant/


    Do you know if there are still some renegade occupants in the tower at this time ?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Squatters? I would assume not since the police sweep the building occasionally. It would be a rough place to live.

  4. Mike says:

    I lived in near-by St. Cyr Hills and vividly remember watching the tower being built. My classmates at Danforth Elementary were all fascinated as this unusual, round building climbed floor by floor. The panels between the sliding-glass doors were originally blue. It is true that the architect’s original drawing shows a twin tower at the other end of the strip-center and we were always waiting for its construction to begin!

    The offices of both our doctor and dentist were located on the second floor of the tower. We took our dog to “The Precious Poodle Salon” which was located in the attached shopping-center. My parents frequently dined at “The Top Of The Tower” Restaurant.

    Our next door neighbor moved from her home on Angeline into apartment 901 of the Lewis And Clark Tower. Needless to say, The Tower was the last word in fashionable living at that time! The appraisal district shows the square footage of apartment 901 to be over 1,000 so, no wonder it seemed large. We were fascinated with the view from the 9th floor balcony!

    The Lewis And Clark Tower was not only a place we visited frequently but will always remain a symbol of my childhood from 1961 until 1970 in the north county area. When I attended Central Junior High for one semester, The Tower was visible from many parts of the school. My eyes were always on it any time we drove by. I’m sure many, many past residents share the same memories. We are all sad to see the fate of this once-majestic structure!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mike Cordry says:

    I lived in Moline Acres on Monarch. The restaurant was my first job as a bus boy. I remember being greeted by Chef Joe and his brother. The band was right across from the elevator, the bar was to the left. I usually worked the two party rooms, the GREEN room, and the gold room. Years later my wife and I have all of our anniversary there until it closed. BEST SALAD EVER.

  6. Mike R says:

    My grandfather helped develop the complex. I visited many times as it was being constructed and met with Joe Rizzo and ate at The Top of the Towers restaurant. I still have his business cards with both of the towers on them, which was the original plan. For many years the construction derick for the second tower sat on the empty right lot. SOrry to see one of his dreams die.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Mike, thank you for sharing. It is indeed very sad to see your family’s hard work end up like this. I would love to see your grandfather’s old business card. Does it look something like this?

  7. Michelle Dalton says:

    My band ‘ Girl Next Door ‘ played there a lot, fun nights.

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